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FirstKey Homes Reviews (79)

• Sep 03, 2021

The Fall of FirstKey Homes
Very unprofessional staff from top to bottom. Doesn't work well with clients and/or anyone in the industry. No matter how desperate your living situation do not make matters worse by doing any kind of business with FirstKey.

• Aug 31, 2021

Application fee when the property was already rented
First key, let me submit and pay the application fees, although the property was already rented

• Aug 24, 2021

Still no oven
It's been over 2 months and we still have no oven. As bad as this issue is, it is NOT the only we've had since our almost 5 months of being in this home. Ineffective communication, horrible experience and poor customer service. No one keeps their word, unless you contact them everyday. I'm just going to review and review and talk to anyone who will listen about this experience. Rent is still paid on time...THEY DO NOT CARE. They want to charge over $5000 to get out of lease due to them not honoring their part of the lease. All I know is I am publicly stating that I want know issues getting my security deposit back for this overpriced, unkept house.

• Jul 23, 2021

I have been living in a FirstKey owned home in Central Florida for the last 5 years with my brother and my 80 year old mother. I have not had a pleasant exchange with these people yet. They raise the rent every year when the lease is up. It was $900/month when we moved in and now, 5 years later it's $1125/month. They have done absolutely nothing to deserve increased rent. They will flatly refuse to make any repair that costs them more than a few dollars and try to blame us for everything they can. For the last 2 months, in the dead of Florida summer, the air conditioning hasn't worked and they have done nothing to fix it. The A/C guys that came to look at the problem said that everyone says the same thing about them, "They suck." When we moved in here at $900 it had a fireplace(which 3 years ago we were told not to use because it might set the roof on fire), a privacy fence around the back yard(falling down now rotten in several places), working A/C(not so much right now because the system is 20 years old and uses outdated refrigerant you cannot get anymore), a sliding glass door that you could use(now it's fogged up between the double panes so you can't see through it and the wheel is broken so it doesn't roll), the house was visibly clean and fairly fresh looking due to a recent coat of pain inside(little did we know the walls were infested with German cockroaches which are now in ALL of my TVs, appliances, computers and furniture). They refuse to do anything about any of these things. Yet they still want to increase the rent again this year. Do not give these s[censored] your money. I only gave them a one-star rating because there is no negative rating option on this review site.

• May 18, 2021

First Key Homes doesn't pay the water bill
First Key Homes is the account holder for the water and sewer bill. This is required in the lease agreement.

In 2019 the water was shut off due to non payment.

This morning our water was again shut off due to nonpayment.

In 2019 we were able to get the issue resolved in a day. Today no one is answering the phones at any of the numbers we have called. Some numbers state that the offices are closed, while one number said there were 112 callers on the line before me.

I actually got a call back from someone regarding another issue and they transferred me to resident services who put in a ticket with the utilities coordinator. I am told they have 24 hours to look into the issue.

In the meantime, our house has no water with two adults working from home and children in remote learning.

• Jul 30, 2021

The reason why the water bill is not being paid is because there's still in your money and doing god-knows-what with the money and also leaving you in debt you need to create an account with resident portal not first key homes where you look for the homes and have the houses saved on your profile or the mobile app you won't be able to see anything I just went through this with this s[censored] company I am planning to get an attorney to litigate with firstkey homes. They are stealing money they've been stealing money on the card that I had stored on the mobile app they've been stealing for 10 months I caught them so money that I will be paying towards water sewer and trash and utilities they don't barely pay anything didn't leave me with this fictitious and discrepancies on my accounts as if I was not making any payments and they were taking my money all this time I made a police report I am going to finish them off

• Jul 30, 2021

The reason they're not paying the waters because you're taking your money the account coordinator is stealing money you guys need to look into your accounts that says resident portal not first Keys homes or the mobile app you're not going to see anything at all on there. Because I'm going to the same thing and I'm going to get like an attorney for litigation they've been stealing money out of my account for 10 months not making payments towards nothing they got this fake third party vendor which is Yes Energy billing you and they're literally taking the money because the money is not going to Yes Energy no money is going to them I would highly advise you track any card that you have on file with these people they are big deal if they are still in the money not making any payments and leave you with the debt on your back

• Apr 13, 2021

Rick Maintenance First Key Kearney Mo
Rick went above and beyond for me. We give him a five star rating. Thank you Rick. He was very helpful and knowledgeable . Very professional. He knows his stuff. again thank you Rick

I called a rep because I was unable to schedule a tour online. He told me to the property I am interested in is available and to schedule a tour through Rently. I got to add myself to a waitlist. Every single property on the site is "available soon." Unable to schedule anything for weeks. Very disappointing and waste of time. Don't get your hopes up on this site.

• Mar 30, 2021

II had got denied at firstkey. They have majority all the good homes in st.Louis. They told me my credit score was to low. I checked my score I'm in the 600 s . My fiance likes a couple of them she was very disappointed to get denied we both work at Bjc health group. Other rental properties gave us a go. Firstkey are still waiting on the house we put $200 application fee my fiance and her 2 children and my self just to here we don't qualify . Everyone was affected by covid we kept our jobs working through the covid . Paid our rent on time no evictions! If I had a higher credit score I'll buy a home. I was told highly recommended by my brother in law who rents from firstkey in Chicago and my supervisor rent from firstkey. They are disappointed because they didn't have the best credit . had got denied at firstkey. They have majority all the good homes in st.Louis. They told me my credit score was to low. I checked my score I'm in the 600 s . My fiance likes a couple of them she was very disappointed to get denied we both work at Bjc health group. Other rental properties gave us a go. Firstkey are still waiting on the house we put $200 application fee my fiance and her 2 children and my self just to here we don't qualify . Everyone was affected by covid we kept our jobs working through the covid . Paid our rent on time no evictions! If I had a higher credit score I'll buy a home. I was told highly recommended by my brother in law who rents from firstkey in Chicago and my supervisor rent from firstkey. They are disappointed because they didn't have the best credit . Also it took litterly 1 week before Jodie called us back after we called the earthcity office in st.Louis . We applied and a email came 2 weeks later saying I had a rent score 420 I check my credit I know my score its definitely higher than that. What's going on firstkey I know 2 good people that rent from you and we still got denied

• Jul 23, 2021

You don't want to rent from FirstKey anyway. They suck. They are slumlords and will do nothing but increase your rent every time the lease is up for renewal. They give you notice 60 days before the end of the lease and require 60 days notice of non-renewal or you lose your deposit. Everything they do is a manipulation of every rental law in the book. They will refuse to fix anything that costs money. I have been living in a Florida home owned by these s[censored] for the last 5 years and the AC went out 2 months ago and they still haven't fixed it. Incidentally, it's the middle of summer and my 80 year old mother lives with me, they don't care. I reiterate, DO NOT RENT FROM FirstKey Homes.

• Mar 20, 2021

Disappointed / lawyering up
I’ve moved into the property a month ago since then our septic tank has backed up on the first week, no one has came to pick up the poop and dirty toilet paper out of our yard. Our water heater has been leaking. We have contacted our property manager and no one has reached back to us. This is our 2nd day without having hot water. The Plumber is saying he has to wait for a approval to replace our water heater and it could take 2 days. We have black mold and a bucket that was hidden under the hot water tank. We our in Covid times this needs to be handled immediately.
Disappointed / lawyering up
Disappointed / lawyering up
Disappointed / lawyering up
Disappointed / lawyering up

• Mar 10, 2021

Renter Beware!!!
I viewed several homes online, and the one I chose, I begin the application process, but for some reason was not able to upload all requested documents. I called, and emailed them. I finally got a response a few days later, but by that time I decided to stop payment on my deposit. Well, an agent called me and said I was approved. I am not sure how I was approved when I did not upload all requested documents. Anyway, I was sent a lease to sign, and was told to may the deposit within 24 hours. I had never seen the inside of the home. I told the agent I wanted to see the home before I signed the lease and paid a security deposit. Well that did not happen. I called the agent, she had no idea what was going on. I went to the property, there was no lock box, the door lock had been taken off, appeared to be broken and tapped up. Apparently the house was not ready for viewing. I kept calling, but no response. I still see some of the same homes on the market, which makes me wonder are they scamming people. My experience was horrible and First Keys don't ever have to worry about me. They are unprofessional and very unorganized. They deserve a zero rating.

• Mar 04, 2021

First Key Homes Phoenix
I have dealt with Evan Baker twice now and have to say he is not only extremely personable, he is also very helpful and down to earth. He is professional and honest, the type of guy you can truly trust.

• Jan 21, 2021

Would not recommend this company
My experience with first key rentals. I moved in on July 2018. I wish I had read the company reviews. Nevertheless, the house was in a convenient location. I took photos upon moving in and everything seemed fine. It was not until I started have maintenance issues that the trouble began. First was damage to the outside fence that took several calls to get taken care of. Next, water leaking through the roof. This never got fixed. They would send someone out to paint over the damage, of course it would leak again, and again.
Finally, sent someone out to check the roof and attic. Lord, let me tell you what they found. How about rodent infestation, wet wood beams that the guy says could be mold. Again, instead of fixing they told him to only paint over it, which never happen and the rodents, I guess are still there because it was not addressed either.
Because of these things, covid and change in income status I chose to terminate my lease early. I gave a 60 day notice and thought that would be acceptable. My mistake. To think humanity would prevail. I asked about the move out inspection and was told no one could meet me due to covid. How ironic, right? Again, I took photos. I left the house in better condition than when I found it minus the rodents.
On January 6th I received a move out statement of charges 3690. The withheld my security deposit which left a balance of 1915. They then charged me 30.98 for damages, some of which were from the water damage they only painted over, that continues to come back.
I spoke with Chis from corporate, who is an a[censored] by the way. He informed me that there is no normal were and tear. So even though the water damage is from there unfixed issue the charge is what it is and only their photos matter.
I would not recommend firskey nor the house located at 2411 quaker landing rd. Although, they did fix the roof. They did not repaint (Chris stated they only have to paint every five years) nor did they fix the attic, mold or rodents.
Would not recommend this company
Would not recommend this company
Would not recommend this company
Would not recommend this company

• Jan 16, 2021

Waste of time so far
Completely unhappy with this company not even a resident yet and its been almost impossible to view and apply for homes from day one! Couldn't apply for anything for two weeks due to site maintenance and now everything I would have applied for is gone and of course I can never get anybody on the phone!

At this point I refuse to give my money to this company if it is this hard now I can only imagine being locked into a lease. You guys are really trash and Ш wouldn't encourage anyone to rent or purchase from you

Very unhappy with First Key Homes
I will never rent from a rental company again. I never had problems with a single landlord. I have had issues with my hot water heater since I moved in. The pilot light will not stay lit and I have not had hot water for over 5 days. I tried calling and no answer until Tuesday and I have called again after waiting and waiting to check on my work order, no one has been her to fix the issue. I cant do dishes, or bathe it id cold outside and I have no hot water! I am ready to move out.

• Nov 03, 2020

Very dissatified
I am counting days until I move out I had had floods in the basement bedroom lost everything there, after 4 flooding's they sent someone out to repair, Place was dirty, poorly kept home, toilet continuous running inside of toilet tank had not been changed since house was built they refused to change towel and toilet holders had to complain continuously they fail off the wall before they repaired down stairs shower head took one year to repair. They try not to call you back and they take a long time to make repairs. Would have moved out the pandemic came in and they raised my rent by 100 dollars as I was furloughed and had no work. The hot water tank burst during the night and there was no shut off for the cold water so all the water in the house had to be turned off. The person they finally sent out to repair the tank was not sure what to do took 10 hours repair it and rigged the system up Gas company had to be called out and the gas had to be shut off due to leaks. That's not all the stove in the house was leaking gas again had to be shut off 2-3 days until repair. I will move pandemic or not once this lease is up.

• Jul 23, 2021

All of them. Anything that says FirstKey Homes on it is to be avoided. They are the absolute worst.

• Jan 29, 2021

What is the address of the property to avoid?

• Oct 09, 2020

All I can say is can't wait until our lease is up they couldn't pay me to rent from this company again 3 years of wasted money been a nightmare.

Happy renter for 2 years
For two years now, my fiance and I have been renting through First Key Homes (FKH) and I can't express how pleased I am with their level of professionalism and the way they truly show us that we are not just another renter. Our maintenance requests get handled in a timely manner (we've only had a few in 2 years - nothing major) and the staff has been exceptional. We have been fortunate enough to have a fantastic property manager in Christine Mash. Chris has been wonderful to deal with; she is always available for us should we have any questions or need anything - even if it was early in the morning, late at night, on the weekends, or if it went beyond the scope of her position, she's always lending a helping hand. In my mind, Chris has been the perfect representative for FKH. During Covid-19, FKH has helped us tremendously in offering alternative payment agreements beyond the standard plans surrounding the moratorium and has allowed us to make partial or deferred payments due to us being laid off. I truly believe that if it wasn't for Chris and FKH, our rental experience wouldn't have been as pleasurable as it has been. While the need to rent a home is necessary, FKH has our business and we will always be advocates for Chris, the staff and FKH.

Just so everyone knows... during the Covid-19, Firstkey home decides to increase rent by almost 100$, then shaves 20$ off... after I pleaded that my hours were cut and couldnt afford to renew. This is a joke to me. I feel that every one should know how unsympathetic they truly are and to avoid renting with them. I'm not so sure I am renewing. This is just sad and inhumane. Firstkey... you're a piece of work and you disgust me.

Just so everyone knows... I have never been late or missed a payment with this place, but forget customer loyalty or any empathy.

days before move-in, November 7th, we found that the bathroom sinks did not drain wellWe were told, "I wouldn't worry about it, I know a guy" by a guy named ***Of all the issues with the house that we could overlook, this was not one of them In addition, the company really fumbled the ball with how they explained the cost for the rental agreement (First months rent, security deposit, the actual deposit and their "special" of a month free! [supposedly in December])After being explained it several times by the agent, we still had no idea so we asked the company by emailThey couldn't get it to us straight either but we needed a place so we took itBoy DID we take it The drainage issue was never repaired and, in actuality, was worse than we thoughtIt drained slowly and sometimes not at all We tried clearing the drain ourselves but it did not seem to affect the flow in the slightestWe contacted them several times over the course of two months before they finally had someone come out to fix itEach time they told us that someone would be in contact with us to setup a date and timeObviously, they either lost our appointment or did not care to do it Even further with the maintenance, there are issues we contacted them about the first week that, months later, still have not been looked at They are not minor in nature eitherWe have no problem doing any maintenance at our house because we can fix many things ourselvesYet, we won't risk it when we know BLT could charge us for damages or liability As far as the money situation went, we paid the security deposit and the rest of the deposit plus the pro rated amount for NovemberEverything seemed fine but close to December, we paid the rent and checked it onlineIt showed that we actually received the credit towards the first month, with the pro rated remaining amount as being used towards the second monthWe were told, to start with, the credit would work towards the December amountWhen we paid towards December and checked it out online, it looked like we were squared away until February 1st! That looked ridiculous so we attempted to contact them times over weeks before they gave us a call on the 3rd week [redacted] the finance guy said we were good until February and that we didn't have to worry, it came up on his sideWe were somewhat perturbed by this but saving money is never a bad thing so we just moved on January 4th comes along and BLT deducts the rent out of my account for billsWe were not expecting it so the account did not have anything close to the amount stored inThey did not try to contact us until a couple days after we noticed it ourselves, around the 9thMy roommate, a music teacher at a local school system, had to stop his class so that he could make an emergency payment (to avoid eviction)So we had to deal with overdraft charges and potential evictions, all because a guy named [redacted] told us "Not to worry" All in all, we've had a pretty rough experience hereI was cut off on the phone by people in the home office and the people at the local office are so incompetent that the home office took control of practically anything that did not NEED to BE local They may be rude but its only going to work against them

This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with I cannot even find a place to begin telling my awful experienceThere is so much to tell it's sickeningFrom day one it has been miserableWorst part is the unprofessional and highly unethical Indianapolis area managerShe has no business managing anything with her infantile schemesI felt like I was dealing with a teenagerNot to mention the lack of understanding or compassionI cried to this woman begging for helpI was pregnant in July with no air conditioningThat is just one of the many issuesThe last year has been endless maintenance problems that have went unresolvedI have paid out my own pocket to fix things and it has literally been a year since I was promised several repairs to be doneNever happenedThe contractors that came to my house didn't have anything nice to say about this company eitherThe company won't answer or return my callsI just hope and pray that I can end my lease and never experience a company like this again

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