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Del Norte Auto Sales

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Review: I bought a car from Del Norte Auto Sales on May 31st 2013. The dealer, [redacted] told me the car was in perfect condition. He assured me the car had been inspected by his mechanic. I asked him for the carfax twice and said he did not have it at the moment. He told me the car had just had a tuneup and should be good for 1 year. I drove the car for a couple hours and when I went back to return it, I told him the car had a shake and a noise in the engine., He reassured me the car had been inspected and was in perfect condition. I signed the contract. They gave me a 30 day warranty engine and transmission. Two weeks after I took the car home, the oil light lit. I took it back talked to him about it. He said leave me the car,he gave me a loaner. Said he would have his mechanic check it out. I live 2 blocks from their lot, so I drive by there often. I drove by 2 time that day and saw the car sitting where I had parked it. Obviously the car was never checked. When I picked it up he said the mechanic could not find anything. A week later the car starts smoking. The oil light lit again. I go back to him, He sends me to jiffy Lube to have the oil checked. They do an oil change. I go home. oil light again three days later. By this time I receive the registration in mail, surprise Lemon Law Buyback I did not know about. He didn't disclose this. The guys at Jiffy Lube have filled it at least 4 times in the past month. I go tell him, try and talk to him about trading it for a better car. He says no, you would have to give another $2000 dollar down payment. ?? I went to him the last time 2 days ago, he tells me, he thinks someone is stealing my oil..??? really?? I have contacted an attorney for fraud, for not disclosing the lemon law buyback and not keeping his warranty.Desired Settlement: An apology would be nice. Most important I would like a refund. Want my down payment and payments back... I can pay for millage used. No trade ins,he got his chance. Honestly I do not want to do business with them.

Review: I bought a car for my son as graduation gift, I explained this to [redacted], and I expressed how important this purchase was for me. He promised that the Toyota Tercel was in good condition, and that he would have the so called mechanic check the fluids and do an auto detail while we signed the paperwork. I had saved hard earned cash for this purchase for an event that only comes around once in a persons lifetime. Within an hour all fluids were checked but within a couple of hours of leaving the dealership the check engine light came on. At that point I checked the fluids myself and found the vehicle had about One quart of oil....I purchased enought oil to bring it up to level, and I returned the car to Del Norte Auto Sales the next day. I spoke to [redacted] and demanded my Money back and he replied that I had purchased the vehicle as is. I demanded another vehicle when he refused to return my Money. The next car I got was a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant with 196000 miles. Within 8 hours of driving off the lot the check engine came on, I called [redacted] and he suggested taking the car for an engine diagnostics, the diagnostics revealed a failing catalyc convertor essential for passing a smog test. The vehicle had windshield stickers that mislead consumers......SMOG OK.......SAFETY OK.......when I test drove it. This dealership intentionally mislead me in believing it was smogged and checked for safety. A licensed mechanic inspected the vehicle at my expense and found that there was an oil leak that leaked onto the catalyc convertor which burned the oil into fumes and seeped into the passenger compartment creating awful stomach pain and náusea. I asked for my Money back again within 8 hours. [redacted] insisted that I had no legal recourse because I bought as is. I asked him if he felt he was doing the right thing and he said he would ask [redacted] the owner of the dealership to see what could be done, apparently [redacted] doesnt care about repeat customers, they expected me Drive the car to different shops for the repairs on my own time.....I tried One time to do this for the sake of giving my son his car. The shop I was sent to on Ruffin rd and Aero Dr was closed when I was told it would be open till 7pm, I arrived at 5:45pm. I knew then this would be a nightmare. I refused to be their puppet, I sent a notarized letter demanding a refund. They instead called me in to sign registration documents. When I refused to go back into the dealership to sign the registration documents they forged my signature and I received registration documents and title at my mailing address two weeks later. [redacted] was foré warned I would file these complaints if he did not comply with my demands, and all I asked for was my money back so that I could commit to my promise of delivering a car to my son for graduating from High school. Today my relationship with my son is damaged, I refused to let him Drive the death trap from Del Norte Auto Sales.Desired Settlement: the dealership registered the vehicle in question without my consent and without my signature. I would like them to undue the vehicle registration and transfer of ownership, and refund my money in the amount of $3800.00

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Description: Auto Dealers - Used Cars

Address: 5824 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, California, United States, 92115


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